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delicate and meticulous, Luxurious and nonchalant at the same time. Complimenting any look and brightening up any face, they are undoubtedly the most elegant addition to any event.

14K gold plated brass, with Swarovski Pearls close to the ear, in 2 different sizes, attached with 14K gold plated brass connection

The small earring is in front and the clasp closes inside the big one.



  • * Your pieces are designed to make you smile and to bring you joy.
  • * We know that wearing me at the beach is super chic, but please avoid entering salty water while wearing yours COCONUTLOVE.
  • * Diving into a pool with your COCONUT LOVE might be tempting, but avoiding chlorine is a must.
  • * Take care of your COCONUT LOVE pieces by rinsing them with fresh water if you go swimming with your pieces.
  • * To keep your pieces in original condition remove them before any sweaty activities. Keep it natural and avoid cleaning products, body lotions, hairspray, and perfume when wearing COCONUT LOVE. 
  • * Lay your jewelry to sleep in a safe, dry place, always out of direct light, and away from moisture and extreme heat.


You can find a size guide right here.

Please note that the size does not include the extension and closure.

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